My tribute to BOB BATHO

Bob[2] Bob Batho_military

You are invited to join family and friends of Bob Batho for his final burial service on his birthday —

Bob was on our board and has been a strong supporter of this ministry since the mid-1970s. We celebrate his life and honor his legacy. Come join us.




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Alexa_witness to murder

[TIME, May, 15, 2017 – “Alexa Takes the Stand …”] — It’s a murder case in Bentonville, Ark. It’s a case of “he says/’it’ says.” And it’s not just Amazon Echo’s “Alexa” doing the testifying for the prosecution. It appears a number of “smart” devices at the scene of the crime are on the witness list.

Unprecedented? You bet! “The case, which goes to trial in July, marks the first time ever that data recorded by an Echo, or any other artificial intelligence-powered device, like Google’s Home or Samsung’s smart TV, will be submitted as evidence in court,” TIME reports. One quoted legal specialist adds: “We are living in an always on, always connected world. We are creating records that have never existed before.”

But wait, there’s more! TIME addresses the bigger issue in cases like this having to do with privacy. “In the context of devices, like the Echo, whose microphones are always on and that live within the walls of our homes, we ought to rethink the scope of privacy altogether. After all, our interactions with an Alexa or a Siri are in many ways unprecedented.”

In making their point on this matter, the article brings into view the all-new Echo Look which “features a depth-sensing camera and LED lights, and is designed to perch in your bedroom, where it can best offer fashion advice.” The concern here is that we are “standing alone, half-dressed in our bedrooms, trying on clothes for Echo Look.”

“The sleek device listens for your command and quickly takes photos and videos of the outfit you’re wearing. It’ll even use AI to judge your outfit,” writes Matt Weinberger in the April 26 edition of . “In a lot of ways, it’s at least a little creepy. You’re basically paying Amazon for a microphone and camera to put in your bedroom. And Amazon confirms that the photos are stored on its computers indefinitely, until you manually delete them.”

Read more of the TIME article HERE.

So, what’s the point here?

The Revelation File focuses on global trends and issues that are among the signs of the nearness of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, as prophesied in scripture. The Bible identifies the signs of those times, “the last days.”

Among those signs would be the coming of a world leader who would, literally, “rule the world.” Historically and prophetically, he is known as “the antichrist.” Prophecies in Daniel, 2 Thessalonians and the Book of Revelation all predict that this one will, at one point in his rule, declare himself and conduct himself as being “God” in the flesh. To successfully pull this off, he must show himself to possess the very attributes of divinity: omnipresence (be everywhere at the same time), omnipotence (be all-powerful), and omniscience (be all-knowing of all things). Hard to do for a mere mortal without outside aid … which is where advanced technology like this comes in.

In this particular application, the newest of “omni-” attributes comes into view: omniveillance … “a form of omnipresent and omniscient digital surveillance.”

Never before in the history of man have such things as these existed. The man who would be god will fulfill the dreams and aspirations of all dictators and despots that have preceded him (Dan. 11:36–39).


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RevFile Forum – Nov. 19, 2016



(Adobe Reader [pdf] printable flyer)

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Introductions & Prophetic Benchmarks

Event Flyer_July2014

“In reviewing the Bible’s scrutiny of world history, one thing is very clear: There had to come a point in the course of time when the prophesied last generation would eventually show up … and that generation would be known by signs that were to occur only one time in human history!” — Wally Wood

In this multimedia program, the audience is first introduced to Wally’s story of how he has been led through the years deeper into the field of prophetic research and reporting. “I can’t get away from it,” he says. “I’ve tried.”

With a background in writing and broadcast journalism, he has proven uncanny accuracy in select predictions that have eventually become world news. As one attendee has posted on this site: “I’ve had the awesome experience of attending some of Wally Wood’s meetings. Folks, I have to tell you, these are not ordinary meetings! If you have never been to one of his meetings, you really need to put this on your schedule.”

A local publisher states: “I would highly recommend Wally’s presentations to any church, school or bible study group. We need to be aware, alert and prayerfully ready for these end times.”

If you would like to have Wally speak before your congregation or large group, click HERE.

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Cashless Trends

Scriptural Reference: Revelation 13:16-18

“Many bankers don’t quite get the fact there is a new normal, a new world order that is coming to banking.”

– L. T. Hall, banking consultant, Alpharetta GA, Wall Street Journal, 11/30/2011


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SAMPLE: Revelation File Newsletter Oct/Dec.2015

In this final edition of The Revelation File newsletter for 2015, here are the main topics we address:
* “The Scorpions Have Been Unleashed” — In light of current global atrocities being perpetrated by an onslaught of expanding networks of radical terrorists, the futuristic prophecies of Rev. 9 and 12 appear more relevant and understandable than ever before.
* “News from a Biblical Perspective” — We highlight the top 3-4 headline stories from a few of our favorite and more reliable news sources that report news from a Biblical worldview.
* “Ready for Your Electronic Tattoo?” — Another step closer to the permanent “mark” in the flesh, without which a person can not legally work or shop.
* “The New Economic Order Moves Forward” — A summation of recent action taken by the International Monetary Fund to invite China to be a partner in the so-called “basket of currencies” alongside the US dollar, the British sterling, the Japanese yen and the euro of Western Europe. Predictions are that this will eventually remove the dollar as the world reserve standard, resulting likely in the collapse of the US economy.

The Revelation File newsletter is available online every quarter for a tax-exempt donation of $30 a year and upon your request. We are sending this edition out to current subscribers and non-subscribers alike, reminding subscribers it’s time to renew, and inviting all others to subscribe with a year-end donation. The Revelation File News Service [RFN] is an end-time news ministry outreach and production of Wally Wood Ministries (WWm) in Houston. Tax-exempt donations and subscriptions can be made online at, or by check to Wally Wood Ministries, and mailed to P. O. Box 42005, Houston TX 77242.

For your sample copy, click here → 41_Q4_OctDec2015


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Special Report – Oil in Israel


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