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The ministry of The Revelation File has experienced myriad benchmarks since its inception in 1981 as a daily radio commentary on the original Christian News Network (C-NET).

From those early days on radio …Christian News Net logo448circa 1980

… to becoming a subscription service …  Revelation File News Service cover … to subscribers across the nation …

… to an online subscription newsletter … RevFileNewsletterSamples


… and quarterly LIVE news forums at Houston’s Encourager Church … revfileforum-banner_2014

… the journey has been remarkable and awesome!

Today —

Larger, more remarkable doors have opened since 2017 …


The Revelation File News Report on YouTube (RevFileTV).
Regular video news updates averaging 7-10 minutes each of pertinent prophetic trends and issues significant to these times.




The New World Academy On-the-Air over the American Voice Radio Network (AVRN) exclusively over the Internet on The Doc Green Show, the fourth Thursday each month from 1pm-3pm central.
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