Advanced Technology & Bible Prophecy:

We have noted over the years that Revelation 13 is, in our estimation, “the most hi-tech chapter in the Bible!” Everything that takes place in this chapter requires advanced technology to fulfill!

For a closer review of this prophesied technology, we suggest two additional websites we host:

  • Super-advanced technology will reshape and change the world in such a way as to make the “need” for God irrelevant to the masses at-large. “Why pray? Siri’s got all the answers! Why wait on God? Alexa can make it happen a lot quicker!”

Ben Sternke -May 10, 2006:

Technology will be the messiah of the 21st century.


The “Divine Attributes” of Antichrist:

  • End-time Bible prophecy (both Old & New Testaments) points to a day where one man will rule the world in one final empire immediately preceding the return of Christ. He is historically identified as the “antichrist.” Like the caesars of ancient Rome, he will at one point declare himself to be God. Advanced, pervasive technology will aid in his claim by affording him a hi-tech version of the divine attributes of omnipresence (all-present everywhere), omnipotence (all-powerful in every way) and omniscience (all-knowing in everything).
    An added feature to “omnipresence” in recent times is omniveillance (all-seeing without end). So, in a world of over 7.5 billion, how will those who conform to the worship of the “man-god” be known apart from the non-conformists (Rev. 13:15)?

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Following are the pages of our special research into elements of particular interest and development in these prophetic times.

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