“Revelation 13 Revisited”

rev13revisitedRevelation 13 is the most technologically advanced chapter in the Bible. Everything in that chapter speaks to the existence and operation of advanced technology in the end days. In a recent edition of The Revelation File News Forum, the audience was taken on a deep tour of this chapter, showing some of the most remarkable technology that, today, fulfills what is revealed in these 18 verses. Hence, the title, “Revelation 13 Revisited.”
This full one hour presentation is being made openly available to you here for the very first time. What is happening today is, in my estimation, too important to be restricted. Simply click on this link to download the presentation into your computer’s media player. Then, be prepared to be amazed by what you will hear in the connection between end-time prophecy and real time fulfillment.
Enjoy. Be blessed. Feel free to share. Your responses are invited and welcomed.



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Episode 10 – “REVELATION 13 REVISITED (Part 1 of 3)” – Remarkable updates showing this chapter to be the most “high-tech chapter in the Bible!

Fire From Heaven_Rev13


Episode 11 – “REVELATION 13 REVISITED (Part 2 of 3) – vs.11-15” – Today’s advanced technology promises to make this the most transparent generation of all time.






Episode 12 – “REVELATION 13 REVISITED (Part 3 of 3): vs.15-18” – “Image-of-the-Beast” technology exists today thru artificial intelligence (AI) and human-like robotics.




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