“Image-of-the-Beast Technology”

A Digitized Hollywood StarThe 2003 highly-acclaimed movie “S1mOne” (Simone) featured the first ever full length movie in which a computer-generated actor shared screen time with real human actors. Simone is a digitally created actress who becomes an over-night screen sensation worldwide. In an early conversation with his creation inside his production warehouse, Taransky makes this chilling confession: “Our ability to manufacture fraud now exceeds our ability to detect it!”

“What does it matter if celebrities are real?” asks writer-director Andrew Niccol, who takes on media-driven reality, as he did in The Truman Show. “Our celebrity-obsessed culture can’t tell the difference anyway.”

Revelation 13:15 is the only place in prophetic scripture thatVirtual Human Effects addresses the issue of what we know of today as a humanoid/robotic creation … and that this advanced technology would be prevalent “in the last days.” One known as ‘the false prophet’ would come forth and be “permitted to impart the breath of life into the beast’s (the antichrist’s) image, so that the image of the beast could actually talk …” (Amplified version)

Today’s digital technology is but one primary source by which suchNEW E TRADE Baby -- Solitary - YouTube phenomena becomes real. At this meeting, we will take you on a fascinating journey of insight and discovery in which the art of deception replaces truth as to what is believed to be real.



[1]Apr2017_2089x3061Episode 23 – “AI & Image of the Beast (1)” – It’s a concept that past generations could not imagine … but it’s real today! From the very first electronic “voice” in the ’70s, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved to the point of literally fulfilling Revelation 13:14-15. We are there!!


popular-scienceEpisode 24 – “AI & Image of the Beast (2)” – From holographic politicians appearing in multiple venues in real time to digital resurrections of deceased entertainers, the world of disruptive, deceptive technology is challenging the definition of what is “real.” As Andrew Niccol, producer/director of Simone, The Truman Show, and Gattaca has noted: “There are a lot more digital tricks being used today than audiences realize. We all know synthespians are coming. Very soon we will reach a point when we switch on a television or a computer, see an actor or newscaster, and not know if they are flesh and blood and, what’s more, not care.” Image-of-the-Beast technology is here now!

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All events are free to attend … an offering will be taken.


1 Response to “Image-of-the-Beast Technology”

  1. The best person I have ever heard on the topic of what is happening, and more importantly what is to come. If you are in the Houston, Texas area I HIGHLY recommend being at these meetings. Make it a priority! You will get great information on not only what is to come – but what is ALREADY here.

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