End-Time News & Analysis

Presentation of these sources does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the editor of this website or of the Revelation File News Service. Opinions, analysis, comments or editorials expressed by these resources are exclusively that of those authors and editors. Our primary purpose here is to provide resource material that we have found to be generally balanced and trustworthy through time to the reader who is serious in their study of end-time Bible prophecy relative to current global trends that support the conviction that the “second coming” of Jesus Christ is soon … VERY soon!

General Prophecy Resources:
Christian News Network 
End-Time Ministries
Jerusalem Post
Prophecy in the News

Salem Radio Network (SRN) News
Southwest Radio Church
The Prophecy Club 
World Watch Daily (Koenig International)

Prophecy News Sources:
Fulfilled Prophecy
The Hal Lindsey Report
Prophecy News Watch
The Revelation Files (not related to this site)
William Koenig’s World Watch Daily
World News Daily

Prophecy Projects
Zion Oil (updates on major oil projects in Israel)

Prophecy Studies:
End-Time Ministries
Prophecy in the News

… more to come …


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