“Our March into a New World”

j0439264The prophecies of scripture point to a time when the very structure of the world will be changed. In the midst of much global conflict, there would emerge a brief time when the majority of nations will be under the strong delusional influence of a world leader unlike any that have gone before. Under his direction, a new world system would be established in which nation-states would merge into a single central command. National currencies would be abolished, and the “Rule of Law” would be managed by advanced pervasive technologies that would border on such divine attributes as omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience.

This presentation will show how close we are to the fulfillment of these prophecies!

That future is closer than you think!

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Our March title slide

Episode 29 – March Into New World (1) – There is much talk today about the “New World Order,” but there is little understanding into the fact that this new reality has its roots deep in ancient Bible prophecy. Here, in Part One, we show the inevitability of what will prove to be earth’s final human empire, plus the building blocks of this next empire before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. What lies ahead for the world beyond 2019?

One World or NoneEpisode 30 – March into a New World (2) – In this Part Two in our review of “Our March Into a New World,” we look further at some of the definitive building blocks of the fast-approaching New World Order: some of the pundits, documents and trends behind the next “Global Phase.”


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All events are free to attend … but an offering will be taken.


1 Response to “Our March into a New World”

  1. J. B. says:

    Wally Wood’s presentations are always excellent. This one promises to be one we all need to hear, if we are to be well informed about the issues of the times. Please try to attend.

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