“Diginomics: The Death of Money”

DIGINOMICS word montage

Digital economics is replacing cash as king of the all-digital generation and the culture surrounding it. Through the 1970s and into the early ’80s, sugarplum images of “going cashless” was in everybody’s head. Mass media reports and industry surveys at the time projected that a real cashless society loomed very near, very soon. Although talk about a “cashless society” has waned for the most part since the 1980s, today the concept takes on myriad connotations and terminologies — but the conclusion is still the same: “We’re becoming a cashless society.” (Carol Young, Kansas State University; Western Kansas World, Feb. 23, 2006)

We know what scripture prophecies on these things — that a day would come in the end-times in which everyone on earth will be commanded to be “given a mark in their right hand or on their forehead,” without which “no one should be able to buy or sell,” except they had that mark. It would be a cashless — diginomic — society. Come and see the progress and the evidence of how soon such a system is soon to become a reality.

“All that is necessary is to wait out a short term in the cycle of human history and a cashless society will inevitably befall us … because this is a development that is automatic and inevitable.”

Robert Hendrickson – THE FUTURE OF MONEY (1970); THE CASHLESS SOCIETY (1972)

All events are free to attend … but an offering will be taken.

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