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The Revelation File News Forum with Wally Wood — A two-hour multimedia event featuring interviews, news headlines of prophetic significance, video, and more. Since 2013, these Forums have been presented exclusively at Encourager Church in Houston — 10950 Katy Frwy. • Houston TX 77043 • 713.722.4300.

The News Forum is adaptable to any audience. If you would like to have the Forum presented before your group or congregation, please contact us.

Below are two key Introductory presentations ready for any congregation —

  • INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM — This is our initial program when invited to speak before an audience for the first time.
    • State-of-the-World Report (first hour) — This is both a foundational and progressive presentation that looks at the key elements of today’s global preparations for the soon return of Jesus. It shows current developments of final phase prophecies that are not commonly reviewed.
    • State-of-the-Kingdom Report (second hour) — In Malachi 3:17, the Lord notes that there is “a day” in which He will “prepare (His) own possession.” Are we in that preparation in progress today? If so, what does it look like?

Following this Initial Program, the following programs are offered as follow-ups:

All events are free to attend … but a free-will offering is taken.


1 Response to Events Archive

  1. Great to be a part of this ministry. It has been a great journey and wonderful blessing getting to know Wally Wood as a friend, mentor, and entrepreneur pastor. His research and reports are perfect for the times we are living. Get ready! On mission.

    Andy Valadez
    EBC Broadcast/Team Marketing Dynamics

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