One man coming

Candidate #1:
A young charmer was among the first in current times to turn the world’s attention toward a contemporary savior. Of aristocratic roots, the media has dubbed him “a prince in search of his destiny.” Not yet in politics, but primed for grooming if he chooses. As noted in one publication: “I’ll tell you one thing: I don’t think there are a lot of people who’d want to run against him if he ever decided to run for public office.”

Candidate #2:
A royal in exile awaiting his turn to assume his father’s place. The public knows little about him, yet he is highly revered by the majority of today’s world leaders. His historic family tree is comprised of history’s most notorious rulers.

World Flag

Candidate #3:
Another royal waiting — not in exile, but in the wings — to assume the throne that is rightly his. He, too, has a long “blue blood” legacy and, in a strange historic twist, is distantly related to royal Candidate #2. And, oddly enough, they both share a royal title over the same territory that is not a part of their own kingdoms.

New Europe Rises

Candidate #4:
A “super” global diplomat who is a university professor by trade. By little more than a self-authored resolution, he became the uncontested sole proprietor of five high-profile diplomatic offices that did not exist prior to his resolution. To the Chinese, he is the “most trusted” of all diplomats, while the British press notes that “all palaces and all parliaments” are open to him. Even the American press has addressed him as “His Royal Highness.”

Egypt in turmoil

Candidate #5:
Out of the smoke, fire, carnage and chaos of the Arab Spring emerges a rising silhoulette of a charismatic voice that is capturing the hearts of Muslim youth around the world. He is an Egyptian businessman, but, in an extremely short period of time, has become a beacon of hope and “rebirth” throughout that bloodied region. His rising star in the media and on the Internet has caught the attention of government and corporate leaders around the world. He sees himself to be “the” bridge between prominent religious cultures and Islam.
These are the top five candidates on my list of Antichrist potentials. It is not my intention to make baseless and highly speculative predictions. However, when compared with all other “signs of the times” and the growing global cry for “illuminated” leadership, a momentum seems to be building to find a single individual to lead the world out of chaos and calamity.

Prophecy authenticates the Bible’s origin

Are these not the times in which Jesus warned us to “be alert” and “stay ready” (Mat. 24 & 25)? We are in those times!


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