Wally Wood

Wally has been a “research journalist,” prophecy student, and Bible teacher since 1972. He has a number of news pages in social media that address the various issues of our changing world.


He speaks to both church audiences and professional business groups with eye-opening multimedia presentations that keep people talking.


Press release – January 10, 2018

RevFilePressRelease_011018To view original, go HERE …


On YouTube & Internet TV –

The Revelation File News Report  

Half-hour TV programs aired over the Kingdom Broadcasting Network (KBNtv.tv) over the Internet. We invite you to “Subscribe.”

DocGreene Show 122817

On Internet Radio monthly –

“New World Academy On-the-Air” with Doc Greene
Fourth Thursday monthly, 1pm-3pm Central








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  1. Bill Brummett says:

    Just listened to you with Bruce on KHCB. Awesome interview! Thanks.


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