New World/One World Library

Since the 1970s, this ministry has deeply researched and reported on the “New World” being shaped and designed for what end-time Bible prophecy declares to be the last human empire on earth immediately preceding the return of Christ. Everything would come together in that “last generation” in those days.

Today, much attention has been given to this New World Order from many outlets and corridors around the world. We can only feature a small segment of those advocates here. What this page will present are some of the books, magazines and reports that speak to and support such a development — the final phases of which are happening right now!

DISCLAIMER: This ministry and its extensions neither advocate nor promote these developments of a One World Government through these presentations. Our purpose here is to educate, inform and prepare our viewers with the evidences of change underway in light of end-time Bible prophecy, showing the relevancy of such predictions to the our current times.