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Welcome to the World of Disappearing Dollars!

Rev. 13:16-18 is a familiar set of verses that speak of a day coming when the whole world will go totally cashless. All purchasing power in all currencies and precious metals will be done away with by edict of law … replaced by a totally digitized economic system, without which “no man could buy or sell, unless they had the mark …”

We’ve come to call this new digital economic system — Diginomics.

“Many bankers don’t quite get the fact there is a new normal, a new world order that is coming to banking.”
– L. T. Hall, banking consultant, Alpharetta GA,
Wall Street Journal, 11/30/2011

Proposed Currency of the World Government

1 HOUR Peace CoinAbout Earth Federation HOURS Currency

Since there already exists local alternative currencies in communities worldwide it should be determined whether these communities accepting Earth Federation HOURS, would create the foundation for building a network for a new currency system.

 5 HR Coin.jpgEarth Federation Currency Authorization

The Earth Financial Credit Corporation (EFCC) shall communicate with persons and groups that are seeking global standards and a world currency, for the purpose of building a network for launching the new currency system. World Legislative Act # 22.

 10 HOUR Coin10 Earth Federation HOURS Coin

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