World Flag


International Flag of Planet Earth


The World Flag

Flag of the Earth

Flag of the Earth

“Does Earth need a flag?”

“Perhaps not, at least not until we have another planet on which to plant it (or another civilization with which to exchange diplomatic stationary). But that doesn’t mean actually designing one is a pointless process — as proven by the results of a new project to do exactly that.” ~


The International Flag of Planet Earth

The Flag of Earth_022518

Pictured here is the unfurling of the proposed “International Flag of the Planet Earth.” Assisting me in this great reveal at the February 25, 2018 edition of THE REVELATION FILE NEWS FORUM at Houston’s Encourager Church is our program emcee, Gil Markarian (right). As we presented the flag, I was also reciting the proposed “Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution of Planet Earth,” which was posted onscreen for our audience to see. It was authored by the World Parliament (not the UN).

Nearly 100 mobile phone cameras captured the moment. This photo was taken by our Production Manager, Andy Valadez of Marketing Dynamics of Houston and co-founder of the Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company (EBC).

International Flag of Planet Earth   EarthFlagForMars_NASA


1. To be used while representing planet Earth.

2. To remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries. That we should take care of each other and the planet we live on.


Centered in the flag, seven rings form a flower – a symbol of the life on Earth. The rings are linked to each other, which represents how everything on our planet, directly or indirectly, are linked. The blue field represents water which is essential for life – also as the oceans cover most of our planet’s surface. The flower’s outer rings form a circle which could be seen as a symbol of Earth as a planet and the blue surface could represent the universe.


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