3-D Printing Coming to a Garage (or Kitchen) Near You Soon!

EBC Broadcast News: “Technology in the News with Wally Wood”

Progware (3D Printing)

Wally Wood of “Technology in the News” stopped by a true garage start-up in Houston, Texas, Progware with Glenn Roberts, Founder. This technology has so many diverse capabilities and will create controversy and more opportunities as it matures. Glenn Roberts, an attorney by trade, but entrepreneur by heart shares a bit about his vision with this unique technology that is racing quickly to provide everyday solutions for the customers of the future. You won’t believe this interview and this new, rising technology.

Glenn Roberts will be one of our special guests on Sunday night, July 21, from 6:30pm-8:30pm, at Encourager Church in the Fellowship Hall, as we present The Revelation File Report on “DIGINOMICS: The Death of Money.” Open to the public. Place your reservations HERE.


We found this video very interesting and relevant for our times. We hope you enjoy it.



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